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Kalm Kittie 1,000mg CBD Tincture (Triple Fish Flavor) 1oz

Introducing our 1oz Kalm Kittie CBD tincture—a refined elixir crafted for the feline connoisseur, combining 1000mg of full-spectrum CBD with the gentle embrace of MCT oil and the irresistible allure of natural triple fish flavor. This meticulously curated blend elevates the art of feline well-being to a new standard, offering a harmonious symphony of holistic benefits.


Tailored for the unique temperament of your feline friend, Kalm Kittie transcends conventional supplements, becoming a cornerstone of your cat's daily routine. From moments of stress to the serene pursuit of relaxation, this tincture encapsulates the essence of tranquility.


Witness the potential advantages of full-spectrum CBD as it gracefully engages in a ballet of well-being. Fostering a sense of calm, supporting joint health, and enhancing overall vitality, each drop unveils a realm of benefits designed to cater to the specific needs of your cherished companion. The natural triple fish flavor transforms each dosage into an exquisite feline indulgence, ensuring a seamless integration into your cat's lifestyle.


Dosage transforms into an artful gesture of care. Begin with a measured droplet, allowing the subtle influence of full-spectrum CBD and MCT oil to weave a tapestry of serenity. Observe your cat's response, adjusting the dosage with the finesse of a true feline aficionado, ensuring a bespoke approach to their well-being.


Kalm Kittie is not merely a supplement; it's a celebration of the refined companionship you share with your feline confidant. In each drop of this 1oz CBD tincture, the melding of natural triple fish flavor and holistic wellness creates an exquisite ode to the sophistication of your cat's contentment.


Kalm Kittie 1,000mg CBD Tincture (Triple Fish Flavor) 1oz

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